Frequently Asked Questions


Designed by men with chronic pain and led by Dr. Richard Hovey (McGill University) in conjunction with partners such as the NDG YMCA, Concordia University’s Perform Center, and the Montreal Chronic Pain Support Group we provide a variety of activities designed to help men in chronic pain connect with others, exercise safely, work on community projects, and gain new skills that can help them live well with chronic pain.

Why is HOMEBASE for men?

Many men struggle to make and maintain strong social connections. This contributes to social isolation and loneliness, and leads to high rates of anxiety, depression and for some men, suicide. HOMEBASE is a Movember funded pilot project and part of their world-wide fight to strengthen men’s social connections.

HOMEBASE’s goal is to use the information learned so that it can then be applied to other communities and women in the future. Women can still become members of HOMEBASE and benefit from access to various resources. Please contact us here.

Where is HOMEBASE located?

We are in Montreal, Quebec. We do not operate out of one specific location. Programs take place at different sites in Montreal.

Do I need to live in Montreal to participate?

We are currently in the initial stage of HOMEBASE and for the now, activities are based in Montreal. The goal is to grow the project across Canada. However, you can still benefit from the HOMEBASE movement and its resources by signing up to receive our Newsletter and other important news.

How do I sign up and get involved?

To join HOMEBASE follow this link. Once you become part of the HOMEBASE community, you gain access to all 3 of our interconnected programs. The project programs are free. Choose what fits for you. Try one or all at your own pace. There is no obligation other than the possibility to connect with others, have fun, and give back to your community!

If you have questions before joining, you can contact us here.

Can HOMEBASE help me get rid of my chronic pain?

HOMEBASE is not a cure for your pain or a rehabilitation program. But it may help lessen your pain, offer some distraction from it, and provide strategies to build yourself back up. It isn’t a professional training program either but as a member, you will be able to sign up for exercise classes tailored for men with chronic pain.

What can I gain from HOMEBASE?

HOMEBASE is designed by men living with pain for men experiencing pain. You can gain new skills, new perspectives, have fun, and find ways to help others. You will also learn many new things and meet new people going through a similar experience.

What level of ability / disability can HOMEBASE accommodate?

Our goal is to have all programs be as accessible as possible. At present, some programs are limited by location accessibility. Please contact us for more information.

What if I'm not in chronic pain but feel isolated?

The feeling of isolation is enough to join HOMEBASE, please feel welcome.

What is the research portion of the project about?

HOMEBASE is a pilot project and there is a need to provide research data that helps make the program better. Research has shown that isolation and loneliness are serious considerations for men experiencing chronic pain. There have been no specific programs to support men. Very little is currently known about how men cope with chronic pain and what support / programs they prefer. We want to change that. We need your help. To participate in the research study contact us here .